Mike graduated N.A.I.T. with a Red Seal Carpenters ticket in ’93.  Doing everything from picking rocks in a field to massive tilt-up concrete warehouse structures on concrete slabs, his apprenticeship began with Sentinel Self-Storage, building their facilities in both Edmonton and Calgary.  From there, he framed houses for 2 years, moved into commercial and then industrial construction (yr 2-3), and finally joined Local 1325 of the Carpenters and Jointers of America to complete his apprenticeship out on the gas plants around Alberta.  This rounded out his heavy construction experience.

During that time he purchased a home, and the experience gained during the renovations, maintenance, and upkeep rounded out the finer sides of his trade.

From fencing, foundation repair, and sidewalks outside, to wall openings, flooring, T-Bar, tile work, paint, knock-down ceilings, custom cabinets, and trim indoors, his home is a veritable resume of skills accumulated over the years.



There is far too much to elaborate on here, a detailed account of his home renovations are on his personal site.

Renos Pt.1 details the main areas, and Renos Pt.2 gets into the custom kitchen work that was done to squeeze a dishwasher into the very tight space where it was needed.

So the point here is that, whatever it takes to get it done, is just what is required.