Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Whether you need a furnace replaced, an AC installed alongside, or removal/replacement of both, smooth and clean work is what you will find.  A job done with an eye toward “looking like it was done on purpose” is the only type of work that I do.  My carpentry background avoids costly errors made by those without construction experience, as understanding house structure is far more important than can be stated here.

Whether your needs require the condenser on a pad….

Or up on brackets, the work is clean and to code.  Condensers placed on a pad can be quieter, without transferring the sound to the house, however a bracket installation generally results in a cleaner unit that doesn’t gather leaves or debris along the ground.

Garage heaters are much like A/C, in that once you have it, you cannot imagine life without it.  Vented, and sealed to the outside, these units are efficient, surprisingly quiet (if you have a Man Cave), and generally set to around 6 – 8 C.  This doesn’t cost a lot, keeps things from freezing, drip dries a frozen vehicle, and if there is work to be done, can be called upon to raise the temperature to comfort in less that 10 minutes.

Here is one installed per customer request, as they all are.

If your old furnace is in need of replacement, and you are looking to reduce your heating costs, a new one will significantly reduce that monthly bill.  We’ll haul the old one away, and have the new one in place in the same day.  Covered by manufacturer warranty, and a no hassle installation guarantee (a year from installation date), you can rest assured that you will be taken care of, and our work will be clean.

Below is the complete swap out – furnace AC package – prepped for install.