Learning to work on my own vehicles over the years has paid off more times than I can count, and now you can benefit.

Taking the wife’s car from Cruchie to Cruiser again taught me quite a few things.

Far outside my normal range of experience, flow-charting used in carpentry simplified the process to a series of logical steps.

While this may not be your issue, it was a major success for me, and is placed here simply to show the range of ability when it comes to pulling wrenches, for nearly everything had to come apart to make it all come back together and look right after paint, which it did.

Struts, shocks, starters, heater cores, differentials, etc… I have a hoist, jack stands, and a rather complete set of tools to get it done.  I’ve owned mostly Chevy’s over the years, but the principals are the same. Properly maintiained vehicles will last for years and years and years and …. but for the time to do it!

Here I am just before dipping a rebuilt 318 back into my pals ’68 ‘Cuda which you can see tucked away to the side.  The picture is 2009, and it’s still running strong.