Rolling Workbench

Stowed away

While there are all kinds of shiny rolling metal cabinets out there, they seem designed more for the mechanic and his tools, and none are as versatile as what you are looking at.


  • 4 lockable casters on each unit, they can be moved around as needed, configured however required, and locked into place to prevent movement.
  • 3/4 plywood ensures they are bull strong with support under the cabinet face.
  • Work surfaces are easily replaced, and secured from below.  Used them to fasten items in place without concern.

These are about the strongest workbenches I’ve ever seen anywhere, and have proven to be extremely versatile over the years.

4′ X 8′ work table
Everything where you need it

Supported below, you can load these right up without concern for warping and use them just as a stationary cabinet.  Loaded or not, you can roll these around with ease.

Store the most relevant items, position them as infeed/outfeed tables, roll unfinished or drying projects aside, use them for fabrication or breakdown decks for automotive work, or, well anything you need a workbench for.

  all sorts of uses  

Made to order and designed to your needs, contact us with any questions you might have.  For current pricing you can reach us at 780 862-8586 (Mike) or use our contact us page.

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